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Biolane™ is the ONLY *bioactivity-assayed* Green Lipped Mussel extract…

Biolaneis a uniquely crafted, New-Zealand sourced green lipped mussel extract with powerful, proven matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) inhibiting activity. Matrix metalloproteinases are naturally occurring enzymes that facilitate tissue remodeling, repair, wound healing, growth of new blood vessels, and beneficial cell growth mechanisms. However, excessive or unregulated MMP activity can have detrimental effects on the body, manifesting as the degeneration of joints, weakening of the cardiovascular system, in the progression of uncontrolled cell growth and in other pain-syndromes.

MMP-inhibitory activity is a unique bioassay standard for assessing product efficacy; it is used in a similar way that a constituent of a botanical or nutrient is standardized and tested for minimum quantity associated with its biological activity. It is important to know that this independently validated, comprehensive assessment is applied to every lot of Biolane™ produced. The bioactivity standardizes the processing and production method for batch to batch uniformity, while additionally establishing a standard for delivering a reliably-efficacious product, time after time.

The green lipped mussel possesses powerful inflammation-modulating and pain reducing benefits through diverse MMP-inhibiting activity. Research has additionally shown that the clinical benefit of green lipped mussel products is directly related to its preparation. Of the 28 MMP-enzymes identified, Biolane has shown to significantly inhibit nine MMPs: MMPs 1-3, MMP 7-10; MMP 10, MMP12-14 using an independently validated enzyme-inhibition assay, while many of its competitors were not.


Biolane’s process is proprietary; crafted over 30+ years of experience…

The proprietary processing of Biolane retains the biological activity of the mussel by not cooking, heating or steaming it. Biolane is produced from fresh mussels supplied direct from the ocean farm to the factory. Additionally, the extraction is time/temperature controlled, with additional batch testing in the form of MMP-inhibitory bioassays so that quality and consistency is assured along the entire process.

Finally, as the industry trends toward an emphasis on identity, DNA testing is performed on every batch of Biolane to confirm the sourcing of the clinically-studied Perna caniculus (New Zealand) variety of green-lipped mussel. New Zealand green-lipped mussel is commonly adulterated with other non-studied species, including South American and Chinese varieties, and even a blue-lipped genus, which can affect both safety and efficacy of the finished product.

Take a note from the secret of the seas and let Biolane lead your next successful formulation.



  • Powder for encapsulation
  • Formulation for softgels


  • Support joint health
  • Supports healthy inflammatory response
  • Supports the immune system
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Promotes the healthy control of cellular growth


Biolane™ is 100% derived from the New Zealand green lipped mussel (Pernus caniculus). The green lipped mussel extract is prepared from the whole mussel, including its shell – which is later separated, to preserve the juices, shell junctions and other important actives, that are often discarded when only the meat is sourced.

Finally, as a true whole-food, Biolane™ is composed of all components of the mussel, including the protein, lipid and carbohydrate actives. It is not an isolate of the protein or oil alone, as are some of the other green lipped mussel products on the market.


In a study evaluating Biolane’s effects in degenerative joint disease (DJD)/arthritis, diagnosed in dogs, tolerance to the 8-week, repeat dosing of Biolane, at a human equivalent dose of approximately 1150 mg/d found no evidence of toxicity. The study concluded, that no adverse effects that could be attributed to the Biolane™ (Green Lipped Mussel Extract) treatment were described by the owners to the veterinarian.

Clinical Research

Biolane™ is the only New Zealand, Green Lipped Mussel Extract to utilize biological-assay-based testing to verify it’s activity and standardize its processing and production. Biolane’s validated assessment of realtime, MMP-inhibitory activity is a proprietary enzyme-based assay that quantifies the activity of Biolane’s primary mechanism in supporting joint health and general wellness.

Biolane’s bioactivity was evaluated in a comparative MMP-inhibiton assay study against a standard control and several other, commercially-available green lipped mussel extracts. Biolane™ exhibited highly significant inhibitory activity against all nine of the MMPs it was tested against, whereas it’s comparators did not. This same bioactivity assessment is done for every lot of Biolane that is produced.

New science on Biolane™, utilizing a gold-standard DBPCR study design is under discussion, however, there is literature to support Biolane’s action in animal and in-vitro models, as well as some mature science supporting Biolane’s efficacy in humans.


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