We lead with eduction and do so with the commercial and clinical expertise of natural health/products experts, like NDs, dieticians and nutritional biochemists. Our technical team does not simply provide you the offensive strategy that gets our brands to the market; but supports you in the defensive strategy that keeps you there.


Launching a new ingredient can seem overwhelming so we do what we can to support you. We stay very much involved until the end… including your label design! We will ensure that your label complies to our internal and broader, external regulatory requirements around claims and make suggestions that help your label standout.


We are experienced and eager to help you actualize your vision for our brands – even if you are not 100% sure what that looks like. We can make suggestions for complementary ingredients, or help you expand your SKUs with new clinical developments and sound market trends. We will do our best to keep you ahead of the loop.


Looking for non-branded bulk ingredients to complement your DolCas brands? Well, our vertically integrated structure can assist you with the supply of high quality raw materials. We happen to specialize in Ayurvedic ingredients, but we have global partners and relationships that we can call on for certain minimum order quantities.


If you have a unique idea for delivering our ingredients or are frustrated by large-run manufacturing minimums, look to us for assistance! We regularly integrate our supply of branded ingredients with custom manufacturing projects and processes, such as liquid-filled 2-piece hard shell capsules, that are cutting-edge and unique.

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