Oxystorm Safety

The Amaranthus species used in Oxystorm® Red Spinach Extract grow natively in various countries throughout the world. Moreover, they have been regarded as dietary staples for populations from India and Sri Lanka, to Africa and the Caribbean. Common preparations include curries, sautés, salads and teas. Our composition is prepared using simple and safe water extraction and thus is closely aligned to these traditional preparations. Additionally, the nitrate content of our Oxystorm® Red Spinach Extract is enriched for conservative, yet effective dosing of approximately 90 mg/day, which is well within the 60-120 mg/day average range of nitrates consumed in the diet of most Americans. Contrastingly, most other dietary nitrate supplements recommend doses three to six times what is normally consumed in the diet.

Besides these generic safety positions, we have in due diligence conducted acute, maximal dose and chronic, repeated dose toxicology studies on Oxystorm® Red Spinach. These studies are currently under peer review.

Additional Safety Enhancements

  • Oxalate-FREE
  • Hydrocyanic Acid-FREE
  • Water extraction
  • Prop 65 compliant lead levels
  • Non-irradiated
  • Non-ETO (pesticide commonly used in spices)
  • World Anti-Doping Agent (WADA) list compliant

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