Spinaches are well-known accumulators of soil-nitrates. Oxystorm® Red Spinach Extract as a performance and cardiovascular support ingredient is nitrate powerhouse able to contribute to nitric oxide (NO) production internally. Oxystorm® Red Spinach extract provides consistently high concentrations of nitrates, as a 9 percent standard. This rosy variety offers additional health appeal, including a 13 percent standardized potassium content, glycemic friendliness, and a remarkable antioxidant profile. When taken before exercise, this concentrated Amaranth leaf extract has been clinically proven to increase a person’s ability to exercise more efficiently before reaching their anaerobic threshold. Dietary nitrates, like those standardized for in Oxystorm®, provide an alternate pathway for NO production and downstream improvements in blood flow, oxygen energetics and muscle efficiency.

Oxystorm® is prepared with your safety in mind. T Oxystorm® is naturally free of any stimulants or forbidden substances found on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) list. Oxystorm® Red Spinach nitrates offer a safe, bioavailable, nutrient dense and effective adjunct to reaching exercise and vascular support goals.

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