First Food-Matrix/Oleoresin-Based Curcumin


Dispersible and Palatable

Curcugen™ is clean-label, highly concentrated and bioavailability-enhanced…

Curcugen uniquely closes the gap that persists between curcumin efficacy in the capsule format and the more widespread potential for clinically-proven use in food, beverage and other non-traditional delivery formats. As a truly next-generation curcumin, Curcugen’s sourcing innovation, food and beverage functionality, and clinical program delivers big on the small details that could take your curcumin product to the next level.

Concentrated to 50% curcuminoids, Curcugen begins its development process with turmeric oleoresin. The oleoresin of turmeric is safely used as the preeminent turmeric source material for the food-flavor and color industry. Turmeric oleoresin concentrates both the color (curcumin) and flavor (essential oil) components of the rhizome. Further, turmeric oleoresin is a less processed starting material than the nearly-purified, industry-standard of 95% curcumin. Curcumin’s food matrix profile, which is inherent to the oleoresin and reflects very closely in Curcugen, is optimized by a patent-pending, platform technology known as SELFD™.

The SELFD™ platform is characterized by the strategic application of food-grade solvents to plant oleoresins. In the case of Curcugen, the SELFD™ process not only preserves turmeric’s food-state curcuminoid and synergistic essential oil ratios, but uniquely activates the functionality of the rhizome’s resins. The resins of curcumin are disgarded in other commercial preparations of curcumin, but are contrasting retained and ‘optimized’ in Curcugen™, so that their enhanced polarity primes non-polar curcuminoids for increased dispersion and bioavailability.

Curcugen releases the full potential of the color-flavor complex while at the same time providing the freedom of multiple delivery formats in a single, standard-potency raw material.

Curcugen™ overcomes curcumin’s hydrophobicity limitation…

Curcugen’s synergistic ‘whole-food’ profile, which includes food-state ratios of curcuminoids, essential oils and polar (‘P’)-resins overcomes some of the  physical property limitations of curcumin use, such as its hydrophobicity. The functional polar (‘P’)-resins retained in Curcugen from the original turmeric rhizome, display a novel mechanism posited to increase the surface area of hydrophic curcumin molecules. Characteristically, curcumin molecules tend to cluster together and repel interaction with water.

The surfactant like action of the ‘P’-resins is thought to allow the curcumin molecules to overcome their characteristic ‘clustering effect’; separate more easily from one another; and therefore allow for an improved interfacing with water. The polar resins interact well with water and like a good surfactant, stabilize the separated molecules in a suspension, as shown below:

Curcugen™ is  dispersible, without the use of ‘non-turmeric’ adjuvants…

Curcugen’s brilliant dispersibility and enhanced bioavailability is purely owed to its optimized turmeric-oleoresin derived composition. At 98.5% turmeric, Curcugen™ is ‘clean label’ compliant and widely versatile for multi-format formulations with the same raw material. Curcugen™ additionally requires very little, if any, taste masking – allowing for very easy, very efficient, non-traditional formulations.

Curcugen™ maintains fidelity to the food-state of turmeric and its oleoresin…


The nearly 8,000 clinical studies on turmeric have clearly demonstrated the clinical benefit of the rhizome’s primary actives: curcumin, and its analogues, demethoxycurcumin (DMC) and bis-demethoxycurcumin (BDMC) and metabolites, including THC. When the turmeric root is purified to a 95% curcuminoid standard, the curcuminoid ratio is distorted to strongly favor curcumin over its other complementary analogues, in effect skewing the natural, more balanced ratio found in the whole root, and mirrored in its oleoresin. While curcumin bioactivity has been proven, synergistic and even complementary clinical value has been established for its ‘cousin’ curcuminoids, DMC and BDMC.


Curcugen, being the only branded curcumin ingredient utilizing the turmeric-oleoresin starting material, uniquely maintains concentrations of curcuminoids as found in the food-state of the ingredient. The fidelity of Curcugen™ to its oleoresin starting material first, and secondarily to turmeric in its dried-powder form, is illustrated in these graphs. While they show Curcugen’s irrefutable similarity in the curcuminoid ratios, as found in the food-state of curcumin (i.e. in the turmeric rhizome), they also show the significant deviation of 95% curcumin (and all the brands that develop from it) from the food-state that turmeric has been consumed in for thousands of years.


 Curcugen™ naturally retains synergistic turmeric essential oils…


The color and flavor components of turmeric are concentrated in the rhizome’s oleoresin core. The fact that Curcugen™ is the world’s first curcumin ingredient to source oleoresin as its starting material, means that it is also the world’s first and only curcumin ingredient to naturally retain it’s inherent essential oils. The manufacturing or sourcing of 95% curcumin, for generic or branded curcumin use, provides a high concentration of curcuminoids, but does so at the cost of the native essential oils. Essential oils found in commercial curcumin ingredients that source from 95% curcumin are reconstituted, or added back into the final, raw material composition, after having been removed. Turmeric essential oils, which inherently include tumerones, have synergistic benefits established in the literature – for both bioavailability and bio-efficacy.


Curcugen™ exhibits a novel, sustained release mechanism beyond 8 hours…


With a 50% concentration of curcuminoids, Curcugen is one of the most concentrated, bioavailability-enhanced curcumin products on the market. The 18-person, crossover study to compare the content of curcumin freely found in plasma after the ingestion of either Curcugen™ or the reference standard 95% curcumin evidenced Curcugen’s superior bioavailability with a X-times greater area under the curve. To objectively assess the efficacy of the novel Curcugen™ against the standard extraction of curcumin to 95% standard, the two samples were dosed at equivalent doses of curcuminoids, not equivalent weight of product.

This comprehensive study additionally informed that Curcugen™ not only facilitates the improved absorption of free curcumin, but additionally improves the efficiency with which the analogues of curcumin, DMC and BDMC and metabolite, THC absorb, as well.

Another first for Curcugen™, is that it is the first branded curcumin ingredient to prove out a sustained release mechanism, beyond 8 hours. Freely circulating curcumin resulting from the ingestion of Curcugen™ was found in quantifiable amounts up to 24 hours after intake. The sustained retention of curcumin in the blood is posited to result from the novel polar (‘P’)-resins swelling in the presence of liquid, which allow for a slow, steady release of curcumin over an extended period of time. Where an increase in surface area of the curcuminoids within Curcugen™ has been modeled in a generic example of water above, the ‘P’-resin facilitated stabilization and dispersion of curcuminoids in the intestinal lumen is suspected to enhance bioavailability by allowing more curcuminoids to interact with and move across the gut wall.



  • Encapsulation
  • Tableting
  • Ready to drink powder
  • Ready to mix powder
  • Oral dispersible powder
  • Fast melts
  • Soft chews


  • X-times enhanced bioavailability
  • Supports overall well-being


  • 98.5% turmeric-oleoresin extract
  • 1.5% flow agent


  • Curcugen has an LD50 > 5,000 mg/kg in an animal model, establishing it as a safe ingredient in an acute, single-dose model.
  • A 90-day, chronic, repeat dose toxicity study is ongoing. underway. 

Clinical Research

An extensive clinical study program for Curcugen evaluating safety and efficacy is underway at both domestic and international universities. The results of several such studies are expected to be published by the end of 2019.


Q: What is meant by next-GENeration curcumin?

A: The ‘next-GENeration’ label is being given to Curcugen™ because of its unique sourcing material and food-state matrix i.e.oleoresin, novel technology and the versatility of its formulation across the dietary supplement, food and beverage industry, as well as clinical study backing.

Q: What is Curcugen’s composition?

A: Curcugen™ is 98.5% turmeric-oleoresin derived, is standardized for 50% curcuminoids and contains both turmeric essential oils and ‘polar’ turmeric resins. Further, it contains 1.5% of a flow agent.

Q: What are ‘polar’ resins?

A: Turmeric oleoresins include resins that polar and non-polar in character. The SELF D™ technology is able to capture the polar resins, meaning those with an electrical charge. The benefit of the polar resins, which are novel to the Curcugen™ brand, is that when they are complexed with curcumin, they attract water toward the molecule, overcoming curcumin’s natural hydrophobicity. In a fluid medium the matrix is activated allowing for a slow release function and a dispersing quality.

Q: How is Curcugen different than turmeric oleoresin?

A: Curcugen is an optimized turmeric oleoresin extract. Through the Self-D technology, the more ‘polar’ resins are retained, along with some essential oils; they are complexed with curcuminoids, which are enriched to a 50% standard. Turmeric oleoresin itself contains resins in their natural form, not optimized for bioavailability and curcuminoids in a much smaller concentration.

Q: How is Curcugen different than 95% curcuminoids?

A: 95% curcuminoids are derived from turmeric oleoresin. 95% curcuminoids are a purified form of the oleoresin, whereby the essential oils and resins are lost during manufacturing. Again, Curcugen retains both essential oils and the more ‘functional’ resins, while maintaining a significantly substantial concentration of curcuminoids, at a 50% standard.

Q: How many more times bioavailable is Curcugen™ than unformulated curcumin?

A: Curcugen™ is X-times more bioavailable than unformulated/95%-curcumin, as demonstrated by a 18-subject cross-over design.

Q: What is the clinical dose for Curcugen™?

A: The clinical dose for Curcugen™ is 500 mg per day, based upon some preclinical data. Curcugen will be evaluated in clinical studies at this dose to confirm its effect in a variety of applications.

Q: Is Curcugen™ a clinically-studied ingredient?

A: Yes. Curcugen™ is being evaluated clinically. Two clinical trials have already been initiated on the ingredient. We expect data from these first (2) trials in the late Fall of 2019.

Q: Is Curcugen safe?

A. Comprehensive Safety studies for Curcugen™ are underway. The acute toxicity study is complete, resulting in a LD50 > 5,000 mg/kg and the sub-chronic, repeat dose, 90-day toxicity study has commenced.

The novel source of Curcugen, the turmeric oleoresin has been consumed as a natural part of the rhizome, in the traditional cuisine of Indian and other native cultures. Further, the oleoresin is used as source material for the flavor and food coloring industry, as the aromatic (flavor) component is associated with the essential oil, while the curcuminoids give rise to the characteristic yellow tint. Turmeric oleoresin has been established as safe.

Q: Is Curcugen™ GRAS?

A. Curcugen has not been established as GRAS as of yet, however it will be submitted for GRAS self-assessment in the coming months.

Q; Is Curcugen™ soluble in water?

A. No. Curcugen is not soluble in water. but it is water-dispersible.


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