Dolcas Biotech, LLC.

Our Mission

Our tripartite mission speaks to our passion for nature, people and the potential availed from attaining good health.

To conceive, create, and introduce unique botanical and nutritional products to the world.

To support these endeavors with ongoing research, comprehensive regulatory profiles, and the highest quality customer service.

To ensure the efficacy, and thus the success, of these products for our customers and their customers.

Our Story

Moving into branded ingredients, from generic trading, required both strong science and strategic marketing.

Dolcas Biotech, LLC. was established in 2007 as an extension of our founding generic ingredients corporation, Orcas Naturals. Seeing first hand how the industry was rapidly growing and changing in those early years of natural product commericalization, we knew that establishing and growing a branded ingredient business had to be intentional. We understood that marketing branded ingredients required a different type of focus on our customers and a more thorough understanding of the products and marketplace. It required a steady focus on the competitive trademark landscape and a consistent flow of reliable, science-based marketing intelligence to be successful. Branded ingredients required technical insight and the education-based sales acumen to go with it. Over the years, we found that it flourished even more with a consumer-sided perspective and a strong regulatory counsel. Piece by piece, Dolcas built its brand and developed its renown.


In 2017, Dolcas Biotech established its own manufacturing arm, DolCas Botanosys in Bikaner, India helping to vertically integrate the company and its sister corporations in the procurement of high quality ingredients. The company’s most recent evolutions (2019) include its incorporation into the joint-venture entity, Dolcas Tenshi Bioceuticals, Inc. and a  state-of-the-art upgrade to its Bikaner facilities.

Our Difference

We know that competing in the natural ingredients space can be tough, so let our organization can help you stand out in (5) key ways.

Exclusivity in the Marketplace

We put a lot of time and effort into positioning our ingredients for success. As such, our growth goals are generally longer in term. We look for sustainable partnerships with mutually vested companies and work to protect their commitment with incentives to help them predominate commercially. Your success is our success!

Patented Nutraceuticals

Patents carry significant commercial value in the nutraceutical world, because many plants and nutrients have inherent barriers to their ability to offer therapeutic value, safely and over the short term. In creating successful markets for our products, we work diligently to procure ingredients with patent(s) and/or co-develop them with our partners as well as employ significant efforts to protect and evolve them overtime.

Branded Nutraceuticals

One of our biggest distinctions as a distributor, is in our ability to develop markets for our ingredients. Branding is the engine, and we consider ourselves market masterminds in this regard. Through our brand development strategy, not only do we create the niche for our ingredients, we create the environment to support it as well – including developing and investing in robust research agendas and comprehensive safety portfolios.


We leverage the very close relationships we establish with our manufacturers, including those of our sister corporations DolCas Botanosys and DolCas-Tenshi Nutripharma to develop a deep understanding of the product, its process and nuances so that it set up for success. By seeing this through to our finished product partners, our intentional co-operations on both sides of the supply-chain gives our ingredients a competitive edge.

Support Services

We value relationship, and put this principle into practice in the form of added value services that help you move your product concept along the continuum of actualization, from ideation to creation – with as few hurdles as possible. We embrace building sales strategy with our customers, extending our ingredient-specific knowledge to not only include an understanding of your competitive space – but also help you defend it.

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