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The supplement industry has become a very competitive and confusing market to navigate for finished product formulators, marketing teams and the consumer alike. Great marketing finds ways to, on a daily basis position and promote the newest natural product find as the “next big thing,” but how is anyone to truly know? The answer is research; well-designed, clinical research, to be specific. The caveat is that good research costs. It is an investment in money, time and other resources including personnel.

DolCas Biotech, LLC has been committed to this agenda since its inception over 12 years ago. BCM-95, the grandfather ingredient of our portfolio is supported by over 15 published clinic research studies and will be further enhanced by the other 8 that are ongoing. Every ingredient in our portfolio as well as those being prospected, are approached with a research agenda in mind. The obvious goal of that agenda is to validate and fully characterize the ingredient, but we are proud to say that our research goals are not short sighted. We are equally invested in adding to the broader community of science through meaningful and impactful peer-reviewed journal submissions. We want our results to be relevant to diverse ethnicities, so we also choose not to assume this and instead make it a point to conduct research at leading universities across the globe.

The supplement industry and its expectations have grown immensely over the years. But our innovation and endurance have seen us through these growing pains and is our guiding light into an even brighter future; we hope you stay tuned!


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