Our Mission

DolCas Biotech was founded in 2007 on two guiding principles: research and innovation. Our mission is to introduce branded ingredients that greatly improve customers’ health and quality of life.

In partnership with Arjuna Natural Extracts, Ltd., we’ve combined our strengths and industry knowledge to develop and patent unique products. Our laboratory is approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Intense research and testing gives our partners complete confidence in the ingredients and customer service we provide.

DolCas Biotech has set the standard for what an ingredient should be: scientifically and clinically proven and consumer demanded.

Core Values

100% Natural Compositions

Once upon a time, “100% natural” was an all-inclusive statement, needing no further explanation. However, natural in this day and age has undergone tremendous stretching of its intended meaning, and an enforceable definition is currently non-existent. Many branded botanicals suffer on both ends of this spectrum. Some are produced in such a way that the “actives” fraction is complemented with a majority host of unnatural ingredients, while others so highly refine and enrich their “actives” that other, less prominent, but complementary parts of the plant’s matrix are eliminated.

While actives extraction is core to our values of delivering scientifically and clinically proven ingredients, we do not pursue it to the degree of dampening our appreciation for the inherent genius of nature. Instead, it fuels us to find partners who pride themselves on innovative ways to pioneer hurdles such as: bioavailability, in the case of BCM-95®; or the optimization of actives, like nitrates in Oxystorm®; or the elimination of risky constituents, like β-boswellic acid in BosPure® – all without succumbing to the aggressive dilutions, distortions or disruptive chemical processing common to this industry. Our products stretch the intellect and imagination of our researchers, without stretching the definition of the word “natural.”

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