Environmental Sustainability

With all of these endeavors at DolCas Biotech, you would expect that our carbon footprint would be high, but it is not! In fact, the largest manufacturing unit on our campus runs purely on sustainable, solar-powered energy. Our appreciation for the interdependence between nature and man has promoted additional eco-friendly initiatives, including rainwater harvesting and a multi-stage effluent evaporation process. In summation, our manufacturing is not only cutting-edge; it is conservational and pollution-free.

Did you know?

  • Our ‘green initiative’ efforts transformed 40 acres of barren land into a fertile green haven.
  • Our BCM95 manufacturing unit runs on sustainable energy, powered by thousands of solar panels.
  • We save more than 250 gallons of diesel fuel on a daily basis through our 250 Kw solar plant.
  • We save more than 438,000 units of electricity yearly though these eco-friendly measures.
  • Our installed underground 250,000 reservoir captures rainwater from yearly monsoons.
  • Our rainwater initiatives mitigate regional water shortages and replenish ground water reserves.
  • 100 percent of the run-off coming from our Coimbatore manufacturing facility is processed through a fully functional, vacuum-enhanced, multi-stage effluent evaporation system.
  • Our Effluent Treatment Plant results in zero discharge of harmful chemicals into the ecosystem.

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